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Registration protocol for a first application:
Please complete this form, or send your application by post by providing all the information requested below.

Used to check the credibility of your commitment to Nature and the Environment

8- Regardless of the support used, each photograph published MUST display the following:
© Gilles Martin / www.arche-photographique.org

9- Authorised communication supports: brochures, posters, exhibitions, books, scientific reports, web sites.

10- After the images are used, the digital files must be destroyed.

11- A copy of the support that carries the photos published must be sent to us by post to the following address:
Gilles Martin - Résidence du lac - 229, Avenue de Grammont 37000 Tours - France

If your association or organisation meets the selection criteria, you will receive an e-mail message at the address given. That message will contain the access code for the Biospher pictures© image bank

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