Greenwashing (or green disinformation) is amongst us; it will be here for a long time unless we act. Greenwashing is an environmental argument that is unfounded (a lie) or irrelevant (a decoy). It is found in advertising, in press relations, and on product packaging. It can refer to people as well as organisations. Greenwashing is an old idea dressed in new clothes.
Collectif Publicitaires éco-socio-innovant (Eco-Socio-Innovative Advertisers Collective)



Dangerous liaisons

There is great hypocrisy around the financing of a large number of audiovisual productions that deal with themes of biodiversity, humans, and the environment. Some appeal for funds from sponsors who are scarcely respectful of nature: oil and mining companies, large groups in the chemical, nuclear, and exotic-wood industries, etc. Projects are also financed by oil monarchies that have scant regard for the human condition, and that exploit thousands of migrant workers who are modern-day slaves.
How can one be credible and maintain a coherent discourse on ecological matters when one is financially dependent on sponsors who destroy ecosystems, pillage natural resources, pollute heedlessly, contribute to impoverishing the biosphere, and do not respect fundamental human rights?

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

Because they are accountable to their financial sponsors, because they must comply with some of those financial sponsors’ requirements, the project bearers find themselves muzzled, and they restrict their own freedom of expression. They make concessions, even to the point of losing their credibility, by agreeing to keep silent on certain matters instead of speaking out against them, to remain “politically correct” instead of thumping on the table…
“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”


The message that gets through, smoothened, policed, emptied of its substance - in short: of its rebellion and disobedience -, reassures multinationals and legitimates the system that is in place. The well-oiled propaganda of the “ecologically correct”, aimed at moulding citizens, works splendidly: do not apportion guilt, do not think, continue to consume ever more… Happiness lies in material goods!
For the communications departments of those large groups that mock the inconsistency between words and actions, it is also a way of buying a good eco-conscience and of disguising oneself as a virtuous firm… a form of dishonesty known as “greenwashing”. Fortunately, increasing numbers of investigative media in the written press and on the web investigate and lift the veil on certain practices that pose a serious ethical problem.

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Donations from individuals

If you are an individual and you wish to make a donation to environmental protection, please go to the “MILITATE!” section. Amongst the associations and organisations that I have chosen for you, please select the one with a cause that touches you the most, and let your generosity speak by sending that body a donation, no matter how modest.

The search for sponsors

Working on new events, I am on the look-out for audacious partners with open minds and who are in sync with the “offbeat” concepts of my projects.

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